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Overview of the development opportunities of the instrumentation industry during the "12th Five Year Plan"

with the continuous expansion of market demand, the instrumentation industry, which is closely related to people's lives, has also developed rapidly. However, due to reasons such as technology and innovation, there is still a huge gap between the domestic instrumentation industry and foreign countries, the lack of key core technologies, and low-level duplication, The stability and reliability of products cannot be fundamentally solved. They are mainly used for the radial impact test of light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds. They still rely heavily on imports in high-end precision instruments, and a large number of imports have a negative impact on industrial development

in 2011, instruments and meters will usher in the "12th Five Year Plan". Developing green and new energy emerging industries and paying attention to ecological environmental protection is the mainstream trend. As the source of innovation, instrument industry plays an important role in the development of green and low-carbon economy. China's instrument and meter industry is a strategic emerging industry, and China's instrument and meter industry lags far behind in high-end instruments. The battery should be tested at 20 ± 5 ℃ (68 ± 9 ° f) to the level of other developed countries. Therefore, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state will pay attention to the instrument industry, and will vigorously support the independent innovation of the scientific instrument industry. Let me take you to analyze what opportunities the domestic instrument wire and cable instrument industry will usher in in the 12th Five Year Plan

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will give priority to the development of independent innovation of scientific instruments. Independent research and development is often one of the important standards to measure a country's innovation ability. However, at present, China's instruments and equipment for scientific research are heavily dependent on imports. In recent years, 60% of China's annual trillion yuan investment in fixed assets of instruments and equipment is dependent on imports, and 25% of the funds will be invested in the purchase of scientific instruments every year, The Chinese market has become the "fat meat" that multinational instrument companies compete for

scientific instruments are typical technology intensive strategic industries, and the core technology of major scientific instruments and equipment involving major scientific and technological frontiers, national defense and other sensitive fields cannot be bought, which also determines that the scientific instruments and equipment industry is a national strategic industry. Putting the independent innovation of scientific instruments in a prominent position and deploying forward is of great significance to enhancing a country's scientific and technological strength and leading economic development. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will give priority to the independent innovation of scientific instruments and equipment that lead and support the development of science and technology

first, major cutting-edge scientific instruments and equipment

according to China's strategic deployment in the new round of scientific and technological revolution in the world, we will develop a number of major scientific instruments and equipment with international leading level, effectively support China to carry out world-class scientific research and distinctive scientific research, and drive the development of high-tech industries

second, high-end general scientific instruments and equipment

we will focus on breaking through a number of scientific instruments and equipment that are in great demand in China, heavily dependent on imports, and expensive, overcome some core technologies and key components of scientific instruments and equipment, drive the overall level of scientific instruments and equipment in important fields, and break foreign monopolies

third, conventional general scientific instruments and equipment. Extend sincere greetings and good congratulations to the people of Mongolia

will strengthen the overall role of the science and Technology Department, select the best scientific instruments and equipment developed from various existing science and technology plans (special projects, funds) or free funds, and adopt the methods of application demonstration, post implementation subsidies, etc., so that domestic high-quality scientific instruments and equipment can be widely used, the market share will be greatly increased, and China's scientific instruments and equipment industry will be expanded

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's quality inspection will achieve eight innovative breakthroughs

in the upcoming "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's quality inspection has vigorously implemented the strategy of promoting inspection through science and technology, with remarkable results. From 2006 to 2010, China's quality inspection system undertook more than 12000 scientific research topics. Among them, achievements such as cesium atomic fountain clock benchmark and quantized Hall resistance benchmark have made China's time and frequency measurement reach the world-class level, with an accuracy equivalent to no less than one second in 15million years; The field of resistance measurement is in a leading position in the world

measurement technology: establish measurement base standards and traceability systems urgently needed by the country, such as new energy, new materials and nanotechnology, environment, medical treatment, biosafety and food safety

standardized technology: carry out the research and development of common technical standards for strategic emerging industries, modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries

certification and accreditation Technology: vigorously carry out research and demonstration on Key Technologies of carbon emission and carbon emission reduction, and certification and Accreditation of new energy

import and export commodity inspection technology: focus on strengthening the research on the key technology of safety evaluation and comprehensive management technology of import and export mechanical and electrical products, light textile consumer goods and dangerous chemicals

entry exit quarantine technology: research and break through the core technologies of risk assessment, epidemic monitoring, detection and identification, emergency early warning, quarantine treatment and other links, develop special equipment, speed up the construction of port quarantine core capabilities, and build a fully functional, scientific and effective port safety technology support system that meets the requirements of who specifications

food safety technology: focus on strengthening the construction of scientific and technological support capacity for food safety risk monitoring, risk analysis, risk early warning, risk management, intervention and rapid disposal of food safety incidents

quality inspection and quality management technology: focus on the research and application of technology such as product quality control and reliability, comprehensive quality evaluation system, quality credit supervision and evaluation, and achieve innovative breakthroughs in special equipment safety and energy conservation supervision technology

the 12th Five year plan focuses on emerging industries, and the environmental protection information industry has broad prospects.

the environmental protection industry has become an important part of the strategic emerging industries of the 12th Five Year Plan. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, China will focus on the development and promotion of high-efficiency energy-saving technical equipment and products, actively research and develop a new generation of nuclear energy technology and advanced reactors, and develop the nuclear energy industry. In terms of the new generation of information technology industry, the R & D and industrialization of the new generation of mobile communications, the next generation of Internet core equipment and intelligent terminals, and the integration of the three, IOT and cloud computing will all become "Keywords"

in addition, China will also develop the biological industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The new energy vehicle industry will also receive key support. China will strive to break through the key core technologies in the field of power batteries, drive motors and electronic control, and promote the promotion, application and industrialization of plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles

in recent years, the emergence of emerging industries has also brought many development opportunities for the development of instruments and meters. The independent innovation of scientific instruments and equipment, which leads and supports the development of science and technology, has been given priority in the "12th Five Year Plan". At the same time, taking into account the improvement of people's livelihood and economic and social development, the independent innovation of scientific instruments and equipment is urgently needed to form from conventional general scientific instruments and equipment to high-end general scientific instruments and equipment, And then to the "pyramid" structure of leading-edge major scientific research instruments and equipment. Domestic instruments have a long way to go, but from the current development momentum, domestic scientific instruments have a good prospect

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