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Overview of the development of the pump industry in the general environment

pump is a mechanical device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the kinetic energy of the fluid medium to realize the transmission or pressurization of the fluid medium. It is known as the heart of modern industry. It is widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, mining and metallurgy, electric power, national defense and military industry, urban municipal and other industries. It is the most widely used general machinery in the national economy. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's industry, the pump industry is also in a rapid development trend, and the consumption driven by it will be considerable. As a typical traditional manufacturing industry, the pump industry will inevitably encounter different problems in the development of the industry, but challenges and opportunities always coexist

current problems in the pump industry:

1. Overcapacity is still prominent. The market demand of traditional markets such as petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and electric power continues to decline. Although the market of the new electro-hydraulic servo universal material experimental model in the fields of environmental protection and energy saving has increased, the demand is still very limited

2. The homogenization of enterprises has not changed. The market environment of long-term low-cost competition has seriously affected the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovation and the normal market order. At the same time, it will also attack the innovative R & D ability of enterprises

3. The business operation shows a differentiation trend. During the two sessions, state leaders proposed to do a solid job in the real economy and to expand and strengthen China's manufacturing industry to the world. Some enterprises are transforming to intelligent manufacturing, but some enterprises are standing still. Excellent enterprises attach importance to quality and service, and orders continue, while other enterprises have significantly decreased orders, and the quality is worrying

4. There is an embarrassing situation that no one wants to use it after localization. In recent years, medium and high-end pump enterprises have gradually replaced imported products with the advantages of high quality and service, and are committed to the international competition of the pump industry. However, under the influence of internal and external factors and the impact of many uncertain factors, domestic enterprises need to strengthen their comprehensive competitiveness in order to realize the synchronous development with the market, so that the inspection points and maintenance of plastic tensile testing machine before use can resist the flooding of the pump market by international giants

5. The pressure of enterprises' funds is large, and the R & D funds of small and medium-sized enterprises are short. Although many enterprises have full orders and busy production, their economic benefits have increased generally. For several consecutive years, the price of raw materials has been rising, the cost of pump products remains high, the profit space has been squeezed, the profit margin has decreased, and the working capital of enterprises is in shortage. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is the primary difficulty. The lack of R & D funds makes them unable to meet the needs of independent R & D

from this point of view, if China's pump industry wants to achieve sustainable development, it must objectively face the above problems and find a development model suitable for its own enterprises. The development prospect of the pump industry in the future is still considerable. It can be simply analyzed from both macro and subjective aspects

In terms of macro factors:

in the recent two sessions, national leaders attached great importance to the development of the real economy, and discussed about promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, strengthening the industrial foundation and technological innovation ability, promoting the integrated development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power. Accelerate the construction of industrial interconnection platform, expand "smart +" and empower the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. In the government work report, it is proposed to reduce the current tax rate of 16% in manufacturing and other industries to 13%, which is the second tax reduction and fee reduction, and it is also a substantial profit transfer for the pump industry. With the support of the state, the pump industry and even the whole manufacturing industry will be confident and strive to make the manufacturing industry bigger and stronger

subjective factors:

with the increase of pump enterprises, they say a lot and become more competitive. In the future, high-tech technology and excellent after-sales service of pump products will become the most powerful means of competition. In order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness, we should start from the following aspects

1. The pump industry should vigorously introduce counterpart professionals and cultivate professional R & D spirit. In the final analysis, the comprehensive competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. The introduction of talents is also the key to improve the ability of product development

2. Introduction of advanced equipment. Only based on the best hardware can the production and operation activities output products with good quality and efficiency, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

3. Advanced management concept. Innovative, innovative and progressiveness. It is not only thinking about practical problems, but also looking forward to the future

4. Complete service system. While doing a good job in products, high-quality service is very important, as is the case in the pump industry, as is the case in other service industries. In the future, manufacturing enterprises will not only sell hardware, but also obtain more added value by providing after-sales service and other follow-up services, which is also the soft manufacturing proposed in industry 4.0. This is also the place that the pump industry should learn to tap its potential and innovate services

with the development of the times, in the environment of artificial intelligence and various big data, manufacturing enterprises in the future believe that they will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, make intelligent manufacturing and soft manufacturing go hand in hand, promote the docking of standards with international advanced levels, and let more domestic and foreign users choose made in China and services in China

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