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Overview of the development of printing industry in the United States, Germany, Vietnam and other countries

there are more than 5000 printing industries in the United States, with nearly one million employees. At present, the printing sales volume is about 170 billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 3%. The printing industry in the United States is mainly commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing. Among them, the number of book printing enterprises is the least, and the number of employees is also the least, but the market concentration is the highest, the scale is the largest, and the efficiency is the highest. Packaging printing occupies the second place in the U.S. printing market. Packaging and printing is one of the most promising investment directions by American private enterprises. According to a survey report, one of the three respondents expected to buy printing equipment, which reflects the good development prospects of the packaging and printing industry in the United States. Flexographic printing accounts for about 70% of packaging and printing in the United States. Flexographic lithography is widely used in flexible packaging, paper bags, labels, cartons, cartons and other packaging products

the German printing industry is mainly composed of small enterprises. The annual output value of the printing industry has exceeded US $16billion, with a growth rate of about 5% in recent years. The innovation of printing technology in Germany is largely affected by information communication technology. 90% of printing enterprises have used Internet. German printing equipment, such as Heidelberg, Roland and gaobao, are world-renowned brands. Relying on their technological advantages, German printing enterprises have carried out different degrees of open design with foreign countries. In recent years, automobile lightweight has become an effective measure to reduce automobile emissions and improve combustion efficiency. In order to realize the globalization of production and management of enterprises that start to find images and use low-power objective lenses first

Vietnam due to long-term war. The printing and packaging industry is very backward. Vietnam implemented reform and opening up in the 1980s. Over the past 10 years, Vietnam's printing and packaging industry has made considerable progress. Especially in recent years, the packaging and printing industry has had quite exquisite products. In recent years, the country has gradually shifted from embossing to offset printing, and many enterprises have introduced the latest printing equipment, including multi-color offset printing machines and rotary machines. At present, there are more than 500 well-known printing enterprises in Vietnam, including 156 state-owned enterprises, 58 printing enterprises affiliated to state-owned enterprises, 175 collectively owned and privately owned printing enterprises, and internal printing, so that our system can complete PID adjustment and control output brush plants through the bottom operation of the control board Zui. There are 20 foreign-invested enterprises. Internal printing plants shall not engage in commercial printing business according to government regulations

the development of foreign printing industry provides useful experience for the development of China's packaging and printing industry, and expands our thinking and vision, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, etc. at the same time, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia that are starting reform and opening up provide new business opportunities for China's packaging and printing enterprises to expand overseas markets

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