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The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a circular on January 29, deciding to increase the export tax rebate rate of some mechanical and electrical products with high technical content and added value from January 1, 2009

it is reported that 553 products are involved in this adjustment, Dr. Ralph Sven Kaufmann, chief operating officer of Evonik, said in an interview: "Ensuring organic growth is the cornerstone of the company's long-term development strategy, including: increasing the export tax rebate rate of products such as aeronautical inertial navigation devices and industrial robots from 13% and 14% to 17%; increasing the export tax rebate rate of products such as motorcycles and sewing machines from 11% and 13% to 14%.

since this year, metal tensile testing machines have also tested the rib quality of fasteners and the strength of fastener bolt heads. In order to cope with the reduction of external demand, the finance and taxation departments have The export tax rebate rate of textiles, clothing, light industry and some mechanical and electrical products was raised for the second time, and the comprehensive tax rebate rate was increased by 1.6 percentage points

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance said that the above-mentioned adjustment of the tax rebate rate for export products is another part of China's proactive fiscal policy in response to the current complex and volatile economic situation at home and abroad, which is conducive to alleviating the difficulties of enterprises and enhancing confidence in overcoming the financial crisis

since the beginning of this year, due to the influence of many factors, many export enterprises in China have also been hit hard. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, following the year-on-year growth of China's exports in October 2008, the year-on-year growth of exports in November was only -2.2%, the first negative growth in seven years. In this regard, the state also tries its best to protect these enterprises

the executive meeting of the State Council held on the 24th of this month put forward seven policy measures to ease the difficulties of export enterprises and maintain the stable growth of foreign trade. In terms of increasing financial and tax policy support, it clearly proposed to increase the export tax rebate rate of some mechanical and electrical products with high technical content and added value, and stressed the need to steadily promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade

the adjustment of 553 export tax rebate rates of mechanical and electrical products is obviously the implementation of these policies

baijingming, deputy director of the Institute of finance of the Ministry of finance, believes that since this year, China has repeatedly used tax means to adjust trade policies, which is a necessary measure to maintain the steady and rapid development of China's economy against the background of the crisis of financial instability. He pointed out that the adjustment of the export tax rebate policy involves two types of products, one is high-tech products in the aviation industry, and the other is products with advantages and high added value, such as motorcycles. China is the world's largest exporter of motorcycles. Under the pressure of shrinking market demand at home and abroad, the current development of the motorcycle industry is facing great pressure. Raising the export tax rebate rate will help reduce the export burden of enterprises and maintain the steady growth of foreign trade

in addition, some analysts pointed out that the increase of export tax rebate rate indicates that China hopes to hedge the impact of weakening foreign demand through the increase of export tax rebate rate, expand total demand and maintain stable economic growth in China under the deteriorating world economic situation. In the short term, the increase of export tax rebate rate will have a direct and positive impact on industrial profits and exports, especially for a large number of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises that are on the verge of collapse involving the adjusted varieties this time, which may provide another breathing space

from "maintaining stable export growth" at the beginning of the year to the central economic work conference at the end of the year, it was clearly put forward that "we should focus on expanding domestic demand and combine stabilizing external demand". Behind the adjustment of foreign trade policies, China's intention to stabilize foreign trade growth and maintain economic growth under the influence of the financial crisis is highlighted. Insiders pointed out that from the perspective of the policy of raising the export tax rebate rate four times during the year, although China's foreign trade policy continues to increase support for enterprises, the main line of adjusting the industrial structure and accelerating the upgrading and transformation of the foreign trade industry is always running through the policy adjustment

baijingming said that just as the central economic work conference emphasized the need to "further enhance the ability to resist external economic risks", in the context of the continuous adjustment of the international economic structure, adjusting the export tax rebate policy is also an important measure for China to adjust the industrial structure and change the mode of economic development, which is of great significance for coping with the challenges of economic growth slowdown, especially improving the export competitiveness of enterprises

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