The effect drawing of beam decoration is installed

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People have to have a backbone, and the house cannot be separated from the beam. Although it makes the house more stable and safe, it brings no small trouble to the decoration. It's impossible to dismantle it. Is there no way to take it? Xiaobian will show you some effect drawings of beam decoration, and you will know how to do it

beam decoration effect figure 1. Parallel: visual progression

if you feel lonely, you can add multiple beams “ False beam ”, In the form of multiple parallel lines, it creates a gradual sense of hierarchy, but this is suitable for high-rise houses, otherwise it will appear more depressed

effect drawing of beam decoration 2. Exposure: desalination of real beams

the direct exposure mentioned here is not to desalinate the existence of real beams without modifying beams, but to use other beams to desalinate the existence of real beams, so as to achieve gradual changes in levels, which is suitable for houses with high floors and large space, otherwise there will be a feeling of being unable to display

effect drawing of beam decoration 3. Tian zigzag: more levels

using the layout characteristics of the beam itself, if it is located in the center of the house, it can be made into a Tian zigzag form. If you think it is too few, you can add a few more “ False beam ”, If you like Chinese style, you can apply darker colors; If you like rural style, be fresh and use log color

if you like to create more layers, you can match lights locally. I believe the effect is good

beam decoration effect figure 4. Decoration: camouflage ceiling

this is mainly aimed at the beam located beside the wall, camouflaged as the edge of the ceiling, equipped with plaster line decoration, and integrated with the ceiling as a whole. As long as the color is unified, there is basically no problem of overall unity

beam decoration effect picture 5. Hiding: highlight creativity

it is mainly for friends who don't want to be ceiling, so you can use your brain to create according to the trend characteristics of the beam, which can be painting or creating local concave convex shape

after reading this article, do you find that the beam that used to be very eye-catching can also be decorated so beautifully? I hope the decoration effect drawings of these beams compiled by Xiaobian can help you




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