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How is your home installed? Fashionable or conservative? Is the intention prominent or regular? Are you satisfied after loading? 2017 is coming to an end. I heard that there are five popular trends in home decoration in 2018 If you are worried about how to decorate your new home, you might as well refer to it

is in fashion | I heard that the home in 2018 needs to be installed in this way to be high-grade

less is more

the core of simple fashion style is simplicity, which means that there are too many effects to highlight the connotation of space with less decoration

is one of the most popular ways to express the minimalist life attitude among young people nowadays. Complicated and luxurious decoration, for people with a tight pace of life, is not to enjoy, but increases the sense of tension. Therefore, simplicity and even minimalism can better meet the tastes of young people, and the connotation and style are also extraordinary

concealment is both obvious

concealment of storage space is a key point of home decoration at present

it is said that in the near future, transparent glass structures will gradually become popular in wall cabinets, wardrobe, cabinets, etc., increasing the sense of future and ethereal atmosphere of home. The transparent storage space will make the stored items look like the exhibits placed in the museum

abundance is frugality

the home decoration style preferred by young people is mostly functional, light and cheap, while people with successful careers prefer to pursue a quality life: furniture with taste and value preservation and appreciation can win their favor. Therefore, furniture with collection value and implicit significance such as mahogany furniture has been deeply loved by some successful people in recent years

emptiness is reality

in the layout of indoor space, the large space design concept of one unit is popular

although such a design appears empty, it can provide rich and varied design space for house types, and home decoration in the future will increasingly tend to this form

of course, popular ones are not necessarily good. Finding what suits you and pretending to be what you want is the best

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