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Understand "green decoration" - decoration without zero pollution. With the extensive publicity of the media and the increasing attention of the public to the healthy living environment, people have begun to pursue environmental protection from the overall living environment of the community to the decoration building materials for living alone, requiring "green decoration" without pollution and harmful gases. But what is green decoration and how can we really ensure the healthy and green decoration

the disaster caused by improper Decoration - non environmental decoration has become an invisible health killer. In order to make her 7-year-old son go to a good school, Ms. Gao, who lives in Nanjing, sold her previous house and borrowed 150000 yuan to buy a school district room of more than 50 square meters. She spent less than 20000 yuan to decorate it. For some reason, they moved in less than half a month after the decoration. However, just half a year after moving in, the originally healthy children began to suffer from constant problems, being listless all day and always having headaches. What made Ms. Gao more anxious was that she found that her children often missed school for no reason, so she took her children to see several hospitals in Nanjing, but there was no result. Finally, a hospital in Shanghai found that the child was suffering from serious immune system disorders and must be treated immediately. She took her children to Shanghai for medical treatment every week, and spent more than 70000 yuan on medical expenses alone

how can children who have always been in good health have this situation? After the on-site pollution inspection and analysis of Ms. Gao's home by professionals, it was found that the formaldehyde in the bedroom exceeded the standard by 15 times, the TVOC exceeded the standard by more than 8 times, and the benzene homologues exceeded the standard by more than 5 times. The massive use of low-quality three plywood and five centimeter board became the "culprit". Moreover, according to the on-site investigation, the second-hand house bought by Ms. Gao is connected to the road and the traffic is noisy. In order not to affect the children's reading and learning, the doors and windows of the home are basically closed every day and rarely opened. More than 10 square meters of rooms are equipped with bookcases, wardrobes, writing desks and other items. The superposition of various kinds of pollution, coupled with the lack of air circulation, is equivalent to forming a closed "poison gas cabin". Indoor pollution is naturally high, seriously endangering human health. Finally, Ms. Gao immediately decided to control the pollution of her home. After careful construction by professionals, the indoor air of Ms. Gao's home fully met the national safety standards in half a month

through the treatment in the hospital, Ms. Gao's child has also recovered to a healthy body. When mentioning the trouble caused by improper decoration, Ms. Gao still said with lingering fear that it was lucky that the child's disease was cured, otherwise she really didn't know what would happen to her! Also, because the decoration did not pay much attention to environmental protection, and the selection of materials was based on the standard of cheapness, Mr. Liu, who moved in shortly after the decoration, had a headache than Ms. Gao. Last year, the 14-year-old son, who just entered the second day of junior high school, had a low fever for a few days every month, which seriously affected his study and life. At first, the school advised him to suspend school, but later he simply asked for suspension. Finally, the child was found to have serious EB virus disease. The doctor told Mr. Liu that infection with EB virus may lead to tumors, and in serious cases, nasal cancer and leukemia. Finally, under the reminder of the doctor, he learned that it might be caused by the decoration of the house. Under the detection of professional authorities, it was found that the formaldehyde index in the child's bedroom exceeded the standard by 2.5 times and the ammonia exceeded the standard by 1.5 times. The most distressing thing is that although we have consulted many experts, the source of the child's disease has not been found, and we have been unable to effectively treat the child's disease

recognize the health hazards in decoration. Epidemiological statistics in China show that the natural incidence rate of leukemia in China is 3/100000, and about 40000 leukemia patients are added every year, 50% of them are children, and most of them are children aged 2 to 7. When analyzing the reasons for the increase of children with leukemia in cities, indoor environmental pollution caused by home decoration is one of the main culprits. At the same time, Beijing Children's hospital once calculated that more than 90% of the children with urban leukemia had their families decorated within half a year. Shenzhen Children's hospital has cooperated with relevant departments to investigate the family living environment of newly increased children with leukemia. The survey found that 90% of these children's homes had been decorated within half a year. According to the survey data, the number of deaths caused by decoration pollution in China is as high as 111000 every year, about 304 people every day. Events caused by these unhealthy and incorrect decoration are also common in the media. So what kind of harm has these unhealthy decoration brought to us, and what harmful gases exist in our room? Let's make an understanding with the help of professional explanations





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