A Hilo system door and window makes your lifestyle

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When the Hilo system doors and windows enter Milan, it is not just a necessity for architecture. When the art palace meets the "luxury" of doors and windows, it creates the art of building and home furnishings


the world's fashion and design capital

every April

Design and fashion permeate every inch of space in Milan

every time you enter a space

it is possible to open a new world

new materials, technologies and colors

never stop evolving

new designs Fashion and trend

were born here

when the Hilo system doors and windows entered Milan

it was not just a necessity of architecture

when the art palace met the "luxury" of doors and windows

creates the art of architecture and home furnishings

every detail of life

can achieve noble and elegant you

a frown, a smile, a look back

will achieve a fashion blockbuster of life

live exquisite

must keep up with the trend

doors and windows

can also be a fashion piece of life

a Shiloh system doors and windows,

make your lifestyle blockbuster

-- civro

411 Milan conference

Global debut of new VI

please look forward to

about civro

civro Hilo construction technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is a global architectural aluminum system solution provider, and is the first to put forward the concept of "opening the era of doors and windows" in the domestic door and window industry. Civro is a global enterprise integrating the whole industrial chain and having independent intellectual property rights. It has set up R & D and procurement centers in vilzburg, Germany, marketing centers in Beijing and Shanghai, China, and production and logistics bases in Guangdong, China. Civro can customize, develop and produce high-end door, window and curtain wall system products with different performance and types according to different climatic conditions and customer needs around the world, and provide developers, architects and consumers with exclusive solutions for energy-saving, safe and daylighting door, window and curtain wall systems




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